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"Buchanan’s trademark style is to lure you in with cozy descriptions of food, décor, and setting, then slam you onto the edge of your seat with terrifying skill, as her bad guy holds reign over your emotions. In other words, this author has a mind of steel and a heart of velvet. Iniquity is a masterpiece thriller."
—SARALYN RICHARD, author of the Detective Parrott mystery series



A Sean McPherson Novel, Book #4

Available from your favorite bookseller in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.


When a human trafficking ring kidnaps PI Sean McPherson's pregnant wife, McPherson learns the lines he'll cross.
Because when a person has it all, they have everything to lose


Crime boss Georgio Gambino abducts Sean “Mick” McPherson’s pregnant wife, Emma, and his friend’s two daughters and contracts to sell them and another group of women—some into forced labor, others as sex slaves, and a few for their organs. 


Gambino confines three best friends—Mick, a PI; Joe, a homicide detective; and Rafferty, an FBI special agent—to Pines & Quill writing retreat and pits them against each other with a warning: “Mick, if you try to save Emma, I’ll kill Joe’s daughters. Joe, if you try to save your daughters, I’ll kill Emma. And Rafferty, if you help Mick or Joe, I’ll kill your fiancée, Ivy.” 


With help from the writers in residence—a fiction novelist, a retired maritime pilot, the granddaughter of a legendary pearl diver, and a prior mountain climber now double-amputee—Mick, Joe, and Rafferty manage to sneak away and journey to Mount Baker, where the captives await transport. Along the way, the three best friends learn the lines they’ll cross to save the people they love.

“Meticulously plotted, beautifully written, and explosive—Buchanan’s new Sean McPherson novel barrels along like a freight train. Iniquity delivers from beginning to end, a thriller that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. A must read!”
—JEFFREY L. DIAMOND, author of the Ethan Benson thrillers

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