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"Impervious is the perfect high-octane read for suspense and action fans! Readers will hold their breath until the last page."

InD'tale Magazine

"Never less than heart-pounding, Buchanan knows how to keep the pages turning."

—Online Book Club



A Sean McPherson Novel, Book #3

Available from your favorite bookseller in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.


The bride, the groom, the toast, the explosion...

What should be a joyous occasion turns lethal.


In the village of Fairhaven—nestled between Washington state’s Bellingham Bay and the Cascade Mountains, home to writers’ retreat Pines & Quill—friends and family have gathered for the union of Sean McPherson and Emma Benton. Sean has been working with the FBI and local police to help solve crimes, particularly murders bearing the mark of crime boss Georgio “The Bull” Gambino. Emma, who has just learned to walk again, has begun to feel at home and hopes to one day raise a family. 


But just as the festivities begin and corks fly, an explosion shatters everything, killing one and injuring others. From Bellingham to San Francisco and New Orleans, the chase is on to discover who’s dead set on ensuring the newlyweds don’t live happily ever after. 


The writers currently in residence at Pines & Quill include a vineyard owner, a Bryn Mawr College professor, a special education teacher accompanied by her seeing-eye dog, and an intuitive who can’t—or won’t—identify the killer. Gambino has a knack for finding people in even the most inaccessible places to do his bidding. Could one of the writers be on his payroll?

“Buchanan has shown she can concoct a spicy ragout out of some unlikely ingredients—witness last year's Iconoclast—and she's done it again.”


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