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“An involving thriller with compelling characters. This propulsive novel ably expands Buchanan’s entertaining series.”

Kirkus Reviews

"An absolute page-turner… Not one to be missed. With its atmospheric setting, page-turning suspense, and luminous insights into trauma, resilience, recovery, and friendship, this thriller will hook readers and keep them hooked."

The Prairies Book Review

“Another deftly crafted and riveting crime novel by Laurie Buchanan, Iconoclast is a compulsive page-turner-of-a-read from beginning to end.”
Midwest Book Review



A Sean McPherson Novel, Book #2


Available from your favorite bookseller in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.

A whale-watching cruise goes terribly wrong.

Two lovers on deck, one sniper on shore, and no way out.


Burdened by the pressing weight of survivor’s guilt, Sean McPherson, an ex-cop, is desperate for redemption. At Pines & Quill, a writer’s retreat in the Pacific Northwest, he and his fiancée, Emma Benton, are planning their lives together. He wants to go back into law enforcement. She plans to walk again.


Georgio “The Bull” Gambino, head of a Seattle-based crime family, has a long reach. Like cockroaches, his minions infiltrate the most inaccessible places to do his bidding.


With Seattle to the south, the Canadian border a stone’s throw to the north, and Bellingham Bay—a gateway to the Pacific Ocean—immediately to the west, Bellingham is the ideal location for the Gambino crime family to traffic drugs, weapons, and humans. But McPherson’s in Gambino’s way and must be eliminated.


The writers in residence include an Afghanistan War veteran, a professional photographer, a civil rights attorney, and a gourmet chef. But McPherson suspects there’s more going on than the joy of creating plot twists. Is one of the writers conspiring to murder outside the pages of their manuscript?

"Buchanan places the reader in the wooded acres, inhaling the scent of pine and sea salt, alternately enveloped in dense fog or surrounded in a cloak of blue sky, treading each careful step with the innocent and the guilty."
Joy Ribar, author of the Deep Lakes Cozy Mysteries 


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