An ex-cop haunted by survivor\

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Published by: SparkPress

Release Date: April 6, 2021

Pages: 304

ISBN13: 978-1684630714


When a sniper killed his partner, Sean McPherson was injured in the ambush. Now an ex-cop, he takes a job at a writing retreat in the Pacific Northwest. At Pines & Quill, he hopes to heal and put his life back together in the Zen-like capacity of groundskeeper and all-around handyman.

Sniper, Jason Hughes, blames McPherson for the loss of more than ten million dollars’ worth of heroin—and he wants revenge. In the guise of a New York City limo driver working on a sizzling tell-all memoir, Hughes arrives at Pines & Quill along with three other writers in residence: a bohemian psychic taking a break from grueling work as a forensic intuitive, a bitter divorcée who wants to open herself to a new life, and a vibrant and resilient potter navigating life from a wheelchair.


With conflicting agendas, uncertain loyalties, and romantic entanglements at play, Hughes finds it difficult to get McPherson in his sights. Gradually, he forms a different plan, one that threatens the lives of everyone at the retreat.


“Buchanan’s narrative is well-paced, flying right along. . . . the author has delivered an exciting beginning to an intriguing series.”

"The author of this impressive novel has poured elements from radically different genres into the blender and set it on high spin . . . The last page promises further surprises in a sequel, which Buchanan better deliver soon."

“Buchanan has created a fascinating thriller set in a writers’ retreat in the Pacific Northwest. Atmospheric and delicious, Buchanan treats her readers’ senses while taking them on a roller-coaster of emotion. Cleverly balancing humor, romance, and a healthy dose of thrill, Buchanan delivers a perfect mystery. You won’t be able to put it down!”
—MICHELLE COX, author of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series


“Author Laurie Buchanan has written entertaining and believable characters in her debut novel, Indelible. The investigator McPherson is likable and will carry the series along with a wide fan base! A fun read!"
—JENNIFER GREER, A Desperate Place: A McKenna and Riggs Novel


“Indelible is for the reader who loves a fast-paced page-turner; for the reader who likes some sweet romance mixed in with riveting suspense; and for the reader who enjoys getting deeply involved with each character in a well-written book. And… Indelible is for the writer who fantasizes about an enchanting writing retreat like Indelible’s Pines & Quill.”
—PAMELA S. WIGHT, author of The Right Wrong Man and Twin Desires


“A captivating cast, an isolated location, a raging storm, and the threat of death in every dark corner. Indelible reads like the best crime fiction with a shot of adrenalin. Get ready to stay up late because you won’t want to put it down.”
—ANN GARVIN, USA Today best-selling author

“I was hooked from the first sentence. Buchanan’s Indelible is a delicious look at what can happen when you create a writing retreat in the bucolic Pacific Northwest and then populate it with intriguing characters. I was on the edge of my set for the entire wild ride.”
—JOHN DEDAKIS, author of the Lark Chadwick Mysteries, and Former Senior Copy Editor, CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer”


Indelible is a delightful read! The perfect book for an escape on a rainy afternoon. The literary hooks Buchanan weaves into the end of each chapter make it hard to put down. I'm looking forward to reading the next Sean McPherson novel!"
—ANN MARGARET JOHNS, author of Clarkston's Curse: One Child's Quest to Explain the Series of Tragedies in Her Hometown

Fast-paced and with plenty of plot twists, you’re sure to be swept up into the story.”
—DEBBIE HERBERT, USA Today best-selling author of southern suspense


“Hold on to your seat: the ride is fast and furious. Be ready to stay up all night.”
—TOWER LOWE, author of No Way Out


“If you’re an adrenaline junkie like I am, you’ll love this book!”
—GAIL CUSHMAN, author of the Breaking Barrier and Wrinkly Bits series


“The pace is a roller coaster ride. The tension builds from the first page and doesn’t let up until the very end.”
—CHRIS NORBURY, author of Straight River and Castle Danger


“Early in Indelible, I realized I was in the hands of a gifted storyteller. Through flawed characters and a vivid setting, tension mounts in this fast-paced thriller, leading to a riveting climax.”
—GREG RENZ, author of Beneath the Flames


“Smart and sassy, Laurie Buchanan’s Indelible is a fast-paced mystery with deftly drawn characters and a palpable sense of place. I couldn’t put it down!”
—ASHLEY E. SWEENEY, author of Answer Creek


“Indelible hits a truly sweet spot in an idyllic setting at a writing retreat in the Pacific Northwest. Just when you get comfortable, it turns from cozy to thriller. This is a fantastic debut of what will surely be an addictive series.”
—SHELLEY BLANTON-STROUD, author of Copy Boy: A Novel


“Like a killer in the night, Laurie Buchanan’s descriptive prose lures the unsuspecting reader into this chilling mystery. She has created a complex cast of characters in this ripping yarn, and her final reveal leaves the reader hungry for more. I look forward to the next installment!”
—DIANE DEMETRE, author of The Diana Daniels Mysteries


“Buchanan has given us a new hero in Sean McPherson, a man struggling with his past who is tough and sensitive, yet read to hunt down evil to defend those who need him. Amid a cast of engaging characters, the suspense builds in a crescendo along the Pacific Northwest coast.”
—SHARON DUKETT, author of No Rules: A Memoir


Buchanan creates characters I couldn't help but care for and a setting so beautiful I’d love to visit. The story sucked me right in, and the suspense kept me reading. I can’t wait for my next chance to visit Pines & Quill!
—ELIZABETH ANNE WOOD, author of Bound: A Daughter, a Domme, and an End-of-Life Story


“Secrets lie deep behind the pages of this gripping story. Indelible offers readers an expertly drawn cast of characters in an equally dramatic setting. Watching the next move will keep you on the edge of your seat.”
—SHERRY BRISCOE, author Mists of Garibaldi-Tales of the Supernatural, and The Man In Number 7