A sniper killed Sean McPherson’s partner; McPherson was injured in the ambush. Now an ex-cop, he heads to Pines & Quill, a writing retreat in the Pacific Northwest, with the hopes of putting his life back together in the Zen-like capacity of groundskeeper and all-around handyman. 


Sniper Jason Hughes wants revenge. He blames McPherson for the loss of more than ten million dollars in heroin. In the guise of a New York City limo driver working on a sizzling tell-all memoir, Hughes arrives at Pines & Quill and quickly forms a plan. 

Unaware that his past is following him, McPherson finds himself preoccupied with Emma Benton. The moment he sees her rolling toward him in her wheelchair, she keeps rolling—right into his heart.

As Hughes watches their relationship blossom, he realizes that setting his crosshairs on Emma will allow him to exact even sweeter revenge. 


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