This book isn’t just about being in business; it’s about The Business of Being. But when you stop to think about it, each of us is like a small business.


Blending business and spirituality, The Business of Being demonstrates how to stand in alignment with your core values; it explores how to thrive, soul-side out, in and out of the workplace.

“This gem of a book is really three books in one: a savvy guide to building a business, an engaging story of a boutique restaurant, and a coaching guide to living an intentional life. Chock full of quotes, stories, and examples, The Business of Being will help you be the person (and the business) you want to be. And in doing so, it shows you how to change the world—and have fun doing so.Bravo!” —RITA SEVER, author of Supervision Matters: 100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Change You and Your Team

"Laurie Buchanan has done it again. In The Business of Being, she weaves three strands together to form a tapestry that is at once elegant and functional. Under the guise of writing a business plan, we follow a group of nine entrepreneurs as together they maneuver their way to a plan for their new enterprise—a French restaurant. At the same time, we discover real life examples of how we might apply these same steps in our own life. For those who have long been averse to the 'I’m a human being, not a human doing,' this may well be the book for you. —JANET GIVENS, author of At Home on the Kazakh Steppe: A Peace Corps Memoir


Baggage! We all carry it with us through life. And no matter how we dress it up, it’s frustrating, inconvenient, and slows us down.

Note to Self closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Its pages are filled with real-life examples and actionable techniques designed to help you offload emotional baggage and discover a lighter, joy-filled you!

“Don’t read this book. Do it instead! This is a self-help book that will help you let go of emotional baggage and reclaim your highest and best self.” —NEW SPIRIT JOURNAL

"'Note to Self'—A perfect title. A reminder that it all starts with you. With helpful questions and personal stories, Laurie Buchanan has drawn a wise and helpful path to get rid of your personal baggage and lead a more truthful and joyous life. A life the reader chooses! I find myself going back to chapters, reading them again and leaving that chapter with something brand new. Grab your highlighter and give yourself a true gift, a Note to Self." —MARIANNE LILE, author of Stepmother: A Memoir

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