An ex-cop haunted by survivor\
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Laurie Buchanan

“And one day the girl with the books

became the woman writing them.”


I write the Sean McPherson novels—fast-paced thrillers set in the Pacific Northwest featuring a trifecta of malice and the pursuit and cost of justice.

A cross between Dr. Doolittle, Nanny McPhee, and a type-A Buddhist, I'm an active listener, observer of details, payer of attention, reader and writer of books, kindness enthusiast, and red licorice aficionado.


As a photographer and avid reader, I carry a laptop, book, and camera with me wherever I go.


“Never trust anyone
who has not brought a book with them."


Growing up, I wanted to be a magician, international spy, and mad scientist. There’s still time!

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my pilot-husband, Len, where we enjoy hiking, yoga, bicycling, and camping.

I love to travel and take walks—long walks! I walked across Scotland, a 211-mile journey from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. At the mid-point, I climbed Ben Nevis, the highest point in the British Isles.


My Achilles’ heel? Red licorice. I adore it!

"My writing goal is simple: to leave you wanting more."


I had so much fun being interviewed for the Mystery Review Crew by the award-winning author of the Jane Benjamin novels, Shelley Blanton-Stroud.  


Click this LINK to listen to our conversation about the difference between narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths and how it affects the storyline in crime fiction novels.

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