Tuesdays With Laurie

Laurie’s posts are concise and profound. Like a French sauce—perfectly ‘reduced,’ boiled down to essence.” —SHIRLEY HERSHEY SHOWALTER, former president of, and professor at, Goshen College, and author of Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World

“Laurie’s wisdom and deep understanding of the inner workings of a fulfilling life come through crystal clear in both her work and her writing.” —ANITA TREMBLAY, client and blog subscriber

"Delivered in a warm, often humorous style, Laurie’s weekly posts are smart, human, wise, and relevant." —HEARTFULNESS MAGAZINE

“Laurie has a way of reaching inside people and cleaning the dust from dirty little corners with the gentlest of hands.”—DR. MARY RIGGS, DO

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